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Leave costly disputes between workforce, representatives & management behind. Nurture the skills & mindset for effective & creative problem-solving.


A better way forwards

Tired of endless negotiations and costly disputes? Feel like longstanding issues are holding you back? Mediation, conciliation and facilitation are a great help in situations like yours. But at Strathesk Re:solutions, we go a step further. 

Imagine being able to nip clashes between managers, staff and representatives in the bud. How? By creating the right mindset and skillset in your organisation to resolve issues before they become disruptive – with the help of our workplace relations specialists and mediators.

Whether you’re a medium-sized or large organisation, a union or a staff council, benefit from our expertise as workplace relations specialists and mediators to reduce conflict, turn disagreement into opportunity and increase cooperation between all stakeholders.


Prevention over cure

Communicating, negotiating and facilitating effectively is the key to strengthening the competitiveness and economic standing of your whole organisation. Improved performance and increased profitability benefit everyone. 

That’s why creating healthy and successful relationships in the workplace is at the heart of what we do. And if you agree that investing in communication and collaboration makes more business sense than spending time and money on arguments, we should talk. 

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“We had Strathesk deliver negotiations skills training to our country teams from France, Germany, Italy, UK, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal and Netherlands. The attendees found it to be excellent, thought provoking and were equipped to engage with our trade unions on collective labour agreements negotiations. It was put into practice almost immediately, and has paid for itself several times over significantly reducing disputes, improving negotiation outcomes and creating better working relationships between stakeholders".

Head of Industrial Relations, easyJet
June 2022

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